About Us

Mystic Senses – Esotericism & Spirituality is primarily a spiritual store.

Mystic Senses sells candles, herbs, oils & extracts, incense and sage, books, colognes, soap crystals, perfumes, essences, religious items, tarot cards and everything in between.  Our products provide top quality spiritual, religious and mystical support.  At Mystic Senses our goal is to serve the needs of ethnic spiritualists, practitioners and artisans of the African, Afro-Caribbean, North, Central and South American’ ethnic religions. Mystic Senses caters to all religions, beliefs & traditions. We want to become your premier source for all of your spiritual needs.

Traditionally spirituality has been defined as a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals. Since the 19th century spirituality is often separated from religion, and has become more oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth. It may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience, but without a single, widely-agreed definition.